Kure Associates, LLC, based in Omaha and Lincoln, Nebraska, installs data, voice, and video networks. We are the area’s oldest Systimax VAR (Value Added Reseller). We have been selling, installing, servicing, and maintaining business telephones systems, complete with paging and voice mail, for over fourteen years, and were a pioneer in bringing data networks to the Omaha area. None of our competitors tackle both the data and telephone portion of a project as thoroughly.

Kure Associates can offer its customers more than the typical data and voice network low-voltage installations. As a partner with O.K. Electric Company, we can provide all power and lighting implementation and services as well.

Kure Associates’ workforce is experienced. Our supervisory staff has an average of over 20 years in the telecommunications industry, and our technicians average over 13 years’ experience.

Kure Associates maintains an educational and training program to keep abreast of the latest EIA / TIA standards and the National Electrical Code. We have on staff a state-licensed electrical contractor and three BICSI®-certified RCDD designers. All of Kure’s technicians are fully current with many brands of installers’ certifications. We can design, install, maintain, and service all types of telecommunications infrastructure.

Kure Associates can respond. Our customers will always get a human being on our end of the phone line. We have an RCDD on call 7x24x365. We own a fleet of eighteen vehicles ready to roll twenty-four hours a day, and can guarantee a technician on site within four hours (and usually a lot less).

Finally, Kure Associates’ mission statement: Complete Customer Satisfaction. We really are dedicated to providing, through superior installation and materials, added value to our customers’ projects.

The inception of Kure Associates was a direct result of the federally dictated divestiture of the Bell System in 1984. The company has grown and matured to become a leader in the communications industry throughout Nebraska and western Iowa. The quality and conscientiousness of every employee reflect that pride. “Complete Customer Satisfaction” is the mission statement here at Kure Associates. Kure Associates assures the performance of all of its employees. Many of our technicians have over 20 years in the telecommunications/data industry, and our techs average over thirteen years with the industry.

When computers started to be networked first in large companies, then in smaller businesses, Kure led the way with UTP data networking. From the early main frame and Token Ring networks through Thinnet systems, fast Ethernet and fiber to the desktop, to new wireless technologies, we stay ahead of the curve with continuing education and training. Kure has, by far, the most experienced and talented workforce available for any networking project.

While Kure Associates is the Nebraska area’s oldest AVAYA V.A.R. (Value Added Reseller), we are certified to install many brands of data products. We have been providing quality voice and data communications networking products for over fourteen years. Many of our technicians are former Bell employees who have literally spent their lives installing and servicing telecommunications infrastructure.

Recognizing our expertise, professionalism, and position in the industry, Lucent Technologies selected Kure Associates as the first Systimax Premises Distribution System “Value Added Reseller” in the Omaha area in 1993. This election allowed us to provide cabling solutions that give the customer the integrity and quality of Lucent (now AVAYA) products, as well as a 20-year product assurance warranty on a certified Systimax system.

Kure Associates installs more fiber optic cable than any contractor in the state. We perform the fiber work for many of our competitors. We own many specialized pieces of equipment, including an optical fiber cable fusion splicer.

Kure Associates sells, installs, and maintains business telephone systems complete with voice mail and paging. We provide service for many different brands of telephone systems in the Nebraska / western Iowa area.

We have on staff three BICSI-certified RCDD personnel and two Lucent-certified design and engineering personnel, as well as installation and maintenance personnel. Our entire technical staff have been trained and certified by AVAYA Technologies staff in the installation of Powersum® and GigaSPEED® products.

In 1998, Inacom Communications purchased Kure Associates to provide infrastructure for their telecommunications installations. They selected Kure because of Kure’s prominence and reputation in this industry.

In 2000, O.K. Electric Company acquired Kure Associates from Inacom. O.K. Electric, a leading electrical contractor in this area, was looking to expand its scope by providing its customers with telephone and data network installations. Kure Associates was just what they were looking for: A well-established firm with a great reputation and experienced workforce to complement their traditional power and lighting services. Combined, O.K. Electric and Kure Associates offer their customers the entire spectrum of electrical work.


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